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Mission Statement

If you are researching our website, then we think you may see the value of being accredited and a member of our Society.  

Please allow us to share information about our organization.

Our members have educational experience to support their "on-the-job" career pathway.  Please check our application form on the tab below entitled "CRFA Candidate Application."  

Our testing requirements are designed to help us recognize your ability to successfully pass our comprehensive exam that covers multiple issues.  Following is a list of the six domains tested and the percentage of test questions from each domain:

Domain I:   Tax Issues for Retirees                                      20%

Domain II:  Investment Concepts in Retirement               22%

Domain III: General Retirement Principles                        18%

Domain IV:  Government Programs/Social Security         13%

Domain V:   Estate Planning                                                   17%

Domain VI:  CRFA Ethical Standards                                   10%

Please check the "Candidate Guide and Handbook" for detailed information.

The test is computer-based and taken at a proctored center near you at the date and time that works with your schedule. There are 100 questions and each applicant has four hours to complete the exam.

The test was created by CRFA Subject Matter Experts using details from the Job Analysis and is constantly being evaluated as to the relevance of each question and subject matter.


For testing information, the following publications are available to download:  

 CRFA_CANDIDATE_APPLICATION          Candidate_Guide_and_Handbook         2009_Job_Analysis

Members must renew their membership annually to remain in good standing.                    

CRFA members agree to abide by a Code of Ethics that includes ethical practices, maintaining a level of competency by earning continuing education units and objective recommendation of products.  If you have a complaint about a CRFA member, please review the following publication information.  You may file the complaint form by faxing to 405.376.1455 or e-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it






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